Family and friends of hit and run victim host fundraiser

COLUMBIA (WACH) - If you spend any time with those who knew Richard Soland, or "Bobby" as they call him, it's clear he was a man who won the hearts of many.

Bobby was the Chapin man killed last weekend after it is reported he fell off his motorcycle and was then struck by a car.

However, it seems as though he left behind nothing but good memories for those who knew him best.

"He was a great guy. He'd do anything for anybody. Always helping everybody and he helped organize a lot of these benefits that we do now. Just a great guy." says Phil Wilborn, a friend of Bobby.

So on Sunday, his loved ones rallied together to hold a fundraiser in Bobby's honor.

Riders went to different locations raising money to help pay for Bobby's final expenses.

Some of the stops included Pam's Front Porch, Ole Place, Darrells, Thunder Towers, Off the Rail, and CR Station House.

Donations will be accepted at these locations all week long, along with Fat Buddies and Zorba's in Chapin.

And while Michele Soland, Bobby's wife, is incredibly grateful for the support, she knows Bobby would have done the exact same thing.

"He would have done it for anybody else. It would have been right here - rain, shine, whatever. He wouldn't have been happy that it's being done for him. That's just the type person he was." says Michele.

And when it comes to the driver who hit Bobby last Saturday night and still hasn't turned themselves in, Bobby's loved ones have a final plea.

"Please turn yourself in. Please have a heart. Man up. Someone that you killed that was a loved one. We don't want to have to think that his life just had no meaning whatsoever. Turn yourself in. You know, whatever the cause may be. Whatever the price you pay for what you've done to our brother. Turn yourself in because that what you owe to us." says Michele Soland and Shelley Morris, a long time family friend.