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      Family fighting for stricter dui laws in memory of their daughter

      LEXINGTON COUNTY (WACH) -- Karen Longstreet relived the final moments of her six year olds life in a Lexington courtroom Monday.

      28-year-old Billy Hutto plead guilty to felony dui in her death, it's something many argue never should have happened.

      Hutto also pled guilty to dui charges in 2009.

      Laura Hudson with the South Carolina Crime Victims Council says every victim is different, but dui cases can leave families with plenty of anger.

      "Senseless preventable act that is hard for a family to say just because someone was out having a good time I have lost a loved one," said Hudson.

      Since his daughter's death David Longstreet has worked with state lawmakers by introducing Emma's Law.

      The measure would stop people with previous dui convictions from getting behind the wheel after drinking.

      The proposal would require a mini breathalyzer in a person's car, requiring tests before and during operation to make sure the driver isn't impaired.

      "Through out the country we've seen example after example after example of states that have implemented something similar to this and dui fatalities have gone down," said State Senator Joel Lourie.

      Hutto himself said he supported the measure before a judge sentenced him Monday.

      "Emma's Law would be a huge step in preventing injuries and death resulting from drinking and driving," said Hutto.

      According to Laura Hudson South Carolina has the highest rate of dui fatalities and hopes this case will make an impact on the state before any more lives are lost.

      "People realize that dui doesn't happen to someone else that it happens right here at home," adds Hudson.

      It's a painful reality the Longstreets are hoping to prevent for others.