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      Famously soggy instead of famously hot

      Columbia (WACH) -- Normally in August, South Carolina is melting in the heat and desperate for rain.

      That has not been the case this August, let alone this summer.

      Highs have yet to reach triple digits in the Midlands, and for the first time in three years we are not in a drought thanks to the surplus of rain we have seen.

      Tuesday saw more heavy rain across the Midlands with totals ranging just over one inch to well over three inches.

      Here are some of the totals:

      St. Matthews â?? 3.50 inches

      Camden â?? 2.61 inches

      Owens Field â?? 1.55 inches

      USC Dept of Geography â?? 1.30

      Williams Brice Stadium â?? 1.06

      For the year Columbia has seen 36.96 inches of rain which is 9.15 inches above the normal of 27.81 inches for August 6th.

      If youâ??re tired of the wet weather the forecast is not in your favor as rain chances are expected for the rest of the week.

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