Far from home: Bostonian keeping a close eye on family and friends

"It's scary you have millions of people locked in their homes," said Tim Goldman .

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- "It's scary you have millions of people locked in their homes," said Tim Goldman.

Goldman, a Massachusetts native, has been keeping a close eye on Boston, where most of his his family and friends are live.

Goldman say's he was shocked to see a shoot out, police and federal agents in Watertown, a suburb of Boston.

"I'll never forget, you know, the moment I called my mother and she picked up the phone and she was really upset, and it helped me grasp what was going on so close to home," said Goldman.

The Bostonian says the bombing of the marathon has stuck with him.

He remembers Patriots Day in Boston as a fun family day cheering runners on through city streets, however, he points out marathon Monday is an international event and the bombings have impacted people worldwide.

"You didn't just attack New York, you didn't just attack Boston, you attacked numerous cultures," said Goldman. "I mean, look at the people who are affected they're not all American, they're not white, they're not black it's an eclectic mix of society."

Goldman says while he's watching closely what's happening back home, he'd really like to know what made these men attack innocent children and adults.

While investigators continue to search for those answers in the Boston bombing, Goldman knows this tragic event is uniting the nation.

"We're lucky we're far away from it and safe right here, but the truth is this is the type of stuff that brings the country back together," said Goldman. "Realizing this could happen in Columbia, this could happen in Charleston and we all need to be aware of what's going on and keep and eye out and take care of each other."