Fee proposal targets outdoor enthusiasts

Proposed fee hikes could make it more expensive to own a car or boat.

A proposal to reel in money from outdoor enthusiasts is making waves with Lexington angler Frankie Metz.

"I think we already carry the brunt of the load anyway," he says.

The proposal would give a $12 increase in biennial registration fees for cars, a $5 hike for boats and a $2 jump in the price of fishing and hunting licenses. It's an effort by lawmakers to fill a widening hole in the state's budget.

Metz says if it's passed, it'll be tough to do the things he likes to do.

"To say, we we got to raise taxes so that we have a little more to work with here, I think is turning a blind eye to the economic pain that South Carolinians are feeling," explains Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom.

But he knows all too well that the money has to come from somewhere to make up the loss in tax revenue.

"I think what everyone needs to know is the budget writers aren't picking on anyone," he adds.

And not everyone says it's such a bad thing.

"What we're paying now is nothing to enjoy the lake,," says angler Wayne Lovett of North.

The fee increase could generate more than $25 million and would likely be put towards public safety.

Ultimately, the fees could get Frankie Metz hook, line and sinker because boating and fishing are not activities he's willing to give up.