Feeling blue? It may be more than a case of the Mondays

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- January 24 has been dubbed Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.

Usually I don't give into the typical hokey thing, but today has kind of proven itself right, says Christy Konrad.

Everything is kind of going haywire, but I am trying to get through it, adds Shelnea Tate.

The date of Blue Monday was calculated by British psychologist Cliff Arnall using factors, such as weather, money worries and failed resolutions.

It falls on the Monday in the last full week of January, however, some claim Blue Monday" was on January 17 this year.

I can't tell a difference between last Monday and this Monday, says Abby Eisold.

I don TMt think any day is the most depressing day of the year, comments Gayle Greenberg.

Experts point out that there are ways to beat the blues, whether or not the day exists.

- Keep active: there's no better antidepressant than exercise.

-Talk: communicate your feelings with family and friends.

-Do something you TMre good at: a lot can be accomplished when focusing on the positive.

I am really happy, according to Scot Rittenbaum. It TMs gorgeous weather, here in Columbia. I am working with fantastic people, so for me it's a great day.

It doesn't take much to beat the blues on Monday or any day of the week.