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      Female deputies get down and dirty

      Columbia, SC (WACH) - A women's only training program was introduced this week at the Richland County Sheriffâ??s Department.

      The department felt it was important to create a program tailored to female deputies.

      â??Their skills are good,â?? said Staff Sergent Rachel Flowers. â??We want to build that confidence in them that, 'I can do this Iâ??m a strong warrior out here on the streets.'â??

      The 2 day training consisted of drills, shooting targets and obstacles that simulate real life situations.

      This is the first time the Sheriffâ??s department has held a womenâ??s only training.

      Men and women are different in countless ways, yet they perform many of the same duties.

      Senior Sergent Lisa Grazioli, mother of three has been with the department for 11 years. She says training programs help keep her sharp so that she can safely return to her family each night.

      â??Extra training and extra tools being a female officer makes it a little easier for us in the street than it would be for a male, so all of the training is an advantage.â?? said, Grazioli.

      Thursdayâ??s session gave dedicated deputies a chance to bond and showcase their skills.

      The department plans to continue similar types of trainings in the future.