Festival serves up 7,000 lbs of Crawfish

2017 Crawfish Festival

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Thousands of people attended the 12th annual Crawfish Festival in the Rosewood community Saturday. The event featured four stages for live music, a 5k run, rides and several food vendors. Among the most popular choices

to eat was Cody Guillory's crawfish tent.

"As a family, we've been here for 11 years in Columbia." said Brian Broussard.

Brothers John and Brian Broussard work for Cody Guillory's. The crawfish caterers have traveled from Southern Louisiana to Columbia for the last eleven years to share their culture.

"We could put out 240 pounds of crawfish in about 20 minutes."

The Broussards say they cooked at least 7,000 pounds of crawfish Saturday, and their homemade patented seasoning is what they say makes their crawfish unique.

"The food is very representative of Louisiana… the crawfish was fantastic!" said Jeanne Howe.

"We bring some of the best crawfish we have in Louisiana up here for you all," said Broussard.

Out of all the events Cody Guillory's caters to across the country, they say Rosewood's Crawfish Festival is the largest event they cater every year. "A lot of passion goes into this. The people are great here. We love it."

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