Fighting against the Common Core standard

COLUMBIA (WACH) - The debate continues over the Common Core education standard which was adopted by most states, including South Carolina in 2010.

The standard is said to ensure every student is ready for college or a career upon graduation.

The standard also sets what students should know at every grade level.

However, many believe the standard is a one size fits all approach that does not allow students to have the personalized education they deserve.

So parents, students, educators, and concerned citizens came out to the Department of Education on Monday to protest the standard and have their voices heard.

They believe the federal government should not dictate how children learn.

"Well I believe that our education of our kids is needed to be taken care of at the state level. I do not think that we need to have the same standards being taught to every single child."says Katie Spann, who is the mother of three boys.

The Common Core standard is supposed to make the learning process consistent in every classroom in every state.

This is achieved by having all grades learn the exact same material.

Parents worry this approach is taking the creativity away from children and essentially taking away their ability to choose their own path in life.

"Children will actually have less options. They'll be funnelled into what the schools perceive is best for them versus what parents want to do. And to kind of take away what they enjoy doing as a profession versus what the test may say that they're best at." Spann continues.

And the Common Core standard is also being compared to another controversial topic.

"I don't know - how many folks here have gone on the Obama website, on the obamacare website, and signed up for their healthcare? Anybody successfully signed up for that? We can't trust them with our health care and we sure can't trust them with our education and we don't trust them with our children." Senator Lee Bright said to the crowd on Monday.

Concerned parents are being told they should contact their lawmakers and support a bill which fights against the Common Core standard.

"So I urge you, this is something we can do in South Carolina. We've got a bill to stop this. You've gotta get behind it. Behind the legislators listen to you and they work for you." Bright stated.

The bill Senator Bright referenced will be up for debate when the House returns in January.

WACH Fox also attempted to contact the Department of Education to get their response to the protest.

We have not received a response as of this time.