Fighting back for Five Points

Columbia (WACH)--The Fighting back for Five Points fundraiser was held at Jake's bar on Monday.

Dozens of people attended the event to help raise awareness about the recent acts of violence and crime in Columbia's Five Points.

Paige Sharkey a USC student is passionate about her community and wants the city to be safe again.

"We love Five Points we've enjoyed four years here at Carolina," said Paige. "That's kind of the main reason that we're concerned."

The college senior and her friends came together to organize the Fight back for Five Points event that started with an overwhelming response on Facebook.

"We really wanted an open forum out where people can post their opinions and how to change this because Liz and I have seen a drastic difference from when we were freshman fours years ago and how it is now," said Paige.

Paige hopes that the fundraiser will help bring attention to the recent uptake in crime.

A percentage of the proceeds will go toward adding more emergency call boxes along the walking pathway from USC's campus to Five Points.