Fighting childhood cancer one shaved head at a time

COLUMBIA (WACH) - People were literally losing their hair today but don't was all for a great cause.

Folks came out to Jillian's in the Vista to support the St. Baldrick's Foundation, which donates money to help fight childhoood cancer.

Those who were shaved their head were either part of a team or just came on their own, but either way they made a donation to the Foundation.

And one participant told us her motivation for taking the plunge.

"I was like, well, you know, I'll shave my head because hair grows back. And I guess if I ever run into a child with cancer or anybody who asks why I'm bald, it's kind of like I have a chance to get them to know about the Foundation or to help that child maybe not feel so alone, because they're not the only one with a bald head." says Kaityln Jones, a 20 year old woman who shaved her head.

The event raised more than $90,000.