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      Fighting crime at the Colony Apartments

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A community is enraged after a shootout at Columbia's Colony Apartments. Investigators say stray bullets hit and critically injured a four year old girl who was watching TV.

      "Once you come into, turn into this apartment complex it's a whole new world out here man," said one neighbor.

      According to a crime analysis report obtained by WACH Fox News, in the past three years there have been two murders at the Colony, both in 2011.

      Aggravated assault, burglary and larceny have also been common crimes.

      During the past two years the area has had more than 20 assaults and burglaries.

      Those crimes are still plaguing the neighborhood in 2013.

      "When people see how crime is really solved it's because of the community interaction the collaborative efforts that we're constantly working on those partnerships," said Interim Columbia Police Chief Ruben Santiago.

      Santiago says there are two types of policing strategies, reactive and proactive.

      Reactive policing is capturing a suspect after the crime.

      Santiago says Columbia uses proactive policing, which means officers in communities and cameras in neighborhoods.

      "We want it to be a proactive preventive measures to let people know who are thinking about committing those crimes not to because they're going to be watched or they're going to have someone that going to tell on them," said Santiago.

      "It hits you like dang that could've been somebody I know or it could've been my little one or my little sister," adds the neighbor.