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      Fighting crime with unity

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)- A rally and prayer vigil was held Thursday night at Bible Way Church of Atlas Road to serve as a response to a recent string of violence in the Midlands.

      Antoine Jackson, who organized the vigil, says he was charged with the responsibility to gather the community after the death of his best friend.

      "We have to get back to the old big mama spirit," says Jackson. "She just took you up under the wing and made sure that you would be a productive citizen."

      As a faithful believer of helping others, Jackson also wanted the rally to serve as a spiritual healer.

      "If we don't serve the people, then we have no purpose as faithful believers,â?? said Jackson.

      The special "Unity in the Community" event was held to provide an example of what organizers call the "greater good."

      Local community leaders were also a part of the collaborative effort to help young people make better decisions.

      Jackson says he will feel one step closer to successfully fulfilling his duties as a mentor, if someone is able to take away the positive from the vigil.