Final 10 abused Trexler horses now healthy, ready for adoption

Eight-year-old Studmuffin (pictured above) is now health and ready for adoption. Below is a picture of one of the horses the day they were rescued four years ago.

CAMDEN, S.C. -- A story that began four years ago, of 49 abused Arabian horses, has come to a happy ending. The Humane Society of the Midlands took possession of the horses in 2008 and nursed them back to health. All but 10 of the horses have now been adopted out to new homes.

The horses had become wards of the state after an investigation by Richland County and Georgia law enforcement officials found the animals had been starved and improperly cared for. The investigation led to the arrest of three family members charged with a combined 61 counts of animal cruelty and neglect.

Horse trainer Bruce Anderson of Nature's View, Inc., has helped the horses recover from their abuse. He lead one of the horses, Studmuffin, by leadrope as he explained the main focus right now is mental rather than physical recuperation.

"I use pressure to communicate with him instead of using pressure to intimidate," said Anderson. "We sort of help him to help himself, and in so doing, he is able to then deal with the pressure of your hand...and if he can deal with that, what else can he deal with? And he realizes he didn't die, and slowly he's starting to build the confidence within himself."

People interested in adopting any of the final 10 horses should have the proper facilities to hold them and have experience caring for horses, said Wayne Brennessel, executive director of the Humane Society of the Midlands.

Those interested in adopting the horses can call the Humane Society at (803) 783-1267.