Fingerprint match breaks Richland County cold case

Sheriff Leon Lott says this fingerprint helped them crack the case.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Forensic evidence lead deputies to arrest three suspects tied to a 2005 cold case involving the death of one man.

Antonio L. Corbitt was shot to death in front of his 8-year-old son on October 27, 2005. Three people kicked in the front door to an apartment at the Willow Creek complex in Columbia armed with handguns. They assaulted, robbed, shot and killed Corbitt, according to Sheriff Leon Lott.

"This is the call I have been waiting for, for so many years," said Corbitt's mother Sonya reacting to news of the arrest.

Vernoris Dixon, Gregg Isaac, and Travares World were arrested and are being charged with criminal conspiracy, robbery, burglary, and murder.

Lott says the suspects planned the crime. The Richland County Sheriff's Department continued to review the case over the last six years.

Lott says this February a fingerprint match broke the case. New comparisons of fingerprints from the scene returned an AFIS match to one of the suspects. The print, along with information acquired through a series of interviews, lead deputies to three suspects.

â??In six and a half years a lot of things have changed in this department," said the Sheriff. "Technology has changed, personnel have changed, and weâ??ve gotten better." "That allows us to go back and look at these cases."

Lott says one suspect has confessed to being involved, but he did not say which one. The suspects are currently being held without bond.