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      Finlay Park gets cleaned up, thanks to 7-year-old

      The community came together Friday to clean up Finlay Park. The effort started with the concern of a 7-year-old boy.

      Around 40 people came out to pick up litter and cigarette butts at the park. The idea came from 7-year-old Cooper Norris. Norris saw all of the litter at the park after attending a concert.

      Instead of ignoring it, he sent a letter to Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin, asking what he can do to help clean it up. The mayor was so impressed, he even came out to meet the boy.

      Norris hopes to leave a cleaner park for everyone to enjoy.

      "I felt bad and I don't think people should litter. I wanted to clean it up to make it a better park," said Norris.

      Keep the Midlands Beautiful Executive Director Jacqueline Buck knows others can learn from Norris.

      "When they are inspired by a young boy, seven years old, who wants to make a difference, I think that really speaks volumes. We all should take the lead of Cooper Norris and not just complain about what is going on, but do something," said Buck

      Members of the Columbia Police Department, Homeless helping Homeless, and other agencies also participated in the cleanup.