Fitness with a twist

When it comes to fitness, the search for new and exciting ways to break a sweat seems endless.

As hard as it is to find time to exercise, it's even harder to schedule some good ~ole fashion girl time.

But what if you're looking for the best of both worlds? One group of women is making the most of their time together both in and out of the office.

Kulbersh Women's Center is like many doctors offices. Phones seem to ring nonstop, the paper trail never ends, and office chatter, well there's plenty of that, too.

It's a work environment with little space for play, but every so often the ladies at Kulbersh like to switch things up and try something new.

It's a step out of the box that for many would never happen, but with the support of fellow female co-workers/friends, anything's possible.

"The biggest misconception is that people when they hear ~fitness pole dancing, TM they think stripping," says Eren Youmans.

Studio owner Eren Youmans says curiosity initially brings in new customers to PoleooZa, but a new sense of confidence is what keeps them coming back.

Located in Northeast Columbia, PoleooZa made it its mission to make the art of pole dancing as fun and as memorable as party going.

Youmans says the studio was founded to promote group fitness with a twist.

She says exercising shouldn TMt just be fun| it should be an experience, "It TMs a new-found confidence and a new-found appreciation for the sport and it TMs a way for women to come together and have a good time."

The pole experience is something that won TMt quickly be forgotten for the ladies of Kulbersh Women TMs Center, because a step into the unknown proves to be much more fun together.

More on PoleooZa: The primary goal of the studio is to build confidence, self-esteem and physical prowess, while strengthening and toning core muscle groups. Whether a beginner or advanced, participants of PoleooZa will leave each session feeling confident, empowered and fit. For more information about the studio, visit them online .