Five Points security plan unveiled for football weekend

COLUMBIA, (WACH) -- With the USC, Georgia game this weekend police are expecting a big crowd and there's a plan in place to beef up security.

"Georgia is going to be a unique challenge, it's the first time I think we have had a number 5 and number 6 play here in a long time," said Mayor Steve Benjamin.

This weekend officials are anticipating a sold out game, and a crowd of more than 80,000 fans to the William's Brice Stadium area alone.

Part of that crowd is expected to overflow to Five Points, and with safety concerns from recent assaults in the area, Police Chief Randy Scott is putting extra officers on patrol.

Columbia police outlined for a security plan for Columbia City Council Tuesday afternoon. I

It will begin Friday when people start to come into town for the weekend game and will be at it's heaviest Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

There will be 50 police officers working overtime on Saturday in addition to those regularly patroling the Five Points area.

There will also be security cameras, specialized teams, observation towers, traffic barricades, and DUI checkpoints.

Police officers will be parked on major streets to enforce their presence.

"We're all in this together and it's about a community coming together to make sure that every street in the city is a safe street," said Mayor Benjamin.

There will be 11,000 dollars spent in overtime for the extra law enforcement in Five Points.

Officials wanted to make it clear that resources from other areas of the city will not be used to beef up security in the Five Points Area.