Fixing problems at the polls

Columbia (WACH)--Long lines at the polls in South Carolina had voters waiting in line Tuesday for several hours.

Voters were frustrated about long wait times and inadequate machines.

"Someone needs to be held accountable," said Brook Moore, voter.

State Leaders say that the extremely long wait times is unacceptable.

"What needs to happen is some understanding of what took place, why that was the case and action taken to make sure it never happens again," said James Smith, Representative Richland County.

Smith says that it took him nearly 2 hours to cast his vote but acknowledges the fact that it took other voters much longer.

"What happened Tuesday is unacceptable in any stretch of the imagination," said Smith.

Smith admits that the voting machines are old but says that is not the problem.

"The biggest problem was the lack of machines," said Smith.

Smith says that State Leaders will further investigate the voting issues and get to the bottom of the problems at the polls.