Florida evacuees returning home find reason to smile at rest stop


Thousands of people have a long drive ahead of them as they return home to Florida after Hurricane Irma. The Thomas family says they've been escaping storms for two weeks, first Hurricane Harvey.

"We were in Texas visiting our daughter. We hardly got back to Jacksonville before we had to evacuate again," says Nancy Thomas.

She and many others have a lot on their minds as they head back home to the unknown. But they found reasons to smile at a rest stop on Interstate 26. The South Carolina State Guard and Harvest Hope Food Bank handed out 200 meals for the road.

"Very easy pick up meals. Just to be able to lessen the pain and burden as these people continue back home," says Major Glenn Hamm.

Teri McKan calls it a Godsend.

"I'm traveling back to Florida with a full tank of gas and 20 bucks so this is going to ensure that I eat on the way. It's just a blessing," says McKan.

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