Flu is still widespread in SC

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- As the flu season is beginning to wind down officials say they continue to see a lot of patients with flu like symptoms across the state.

Jim Beasley with the Department of Health and Environmental Control says, "based on recent data the flu is still widespread in South Carolina".

The last week in February physicians reported more than 4,600 positive test results and 123 hospitalizations and one confirmed death to DHEC.

The state's flu season usually peaks around February and declines as the temperatures and humidity rises.

But Beasley adds in 2009 the H1N1 virus continued to cause illness into the summer months and DHEC officials urge everyone to get their flu shot if they have not been vaccinated. They say they've seen significant cases of type B influenza and the H3N2 this season. This year's flu vaccine covers those three strains.

While there is a small percentage of the swine flu cases officials say most people have avoided the virus by getting their vaccine or they have built up immunity since the H1N1 is no longer a new virus.

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