FMA Live! teaches middle school students about 'Forces In Motion'


The FMA Live! tour stopped at St. Andrew's Middle School on Thursday to teach students about the wonders of the forces in motion.

FMA Live! is a science based hip-hop concert giving students exposure to space and stem based learning.

The performance helps students explore the laws of physics and the universal law of gravity with a human Velcro wall, extreme sumo wrestling and a giant soccer ball demo.

"Honeywell and NASA saw a gap in interest for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math so why not go to a very influential age group such as middle school students and kind of let them know that they can be anything they want to be pursuing careers in the 21st century and have the tools to compete by learning exactly what we're putting in the show," says FMA Live! Show Captain John James.

The FMA Live! tour plans to stop at W.A. Perry Middle School on Friday then finishing up this leg of the tour in Virginia.

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