Food truck looking for a new way to fuel business

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Gas prices have been on the rise for the last two months, and for someone who runs their business on wheels there are headaches that go beyond the tank.

Scott Hall owns a food truck called Bone in BBQ.

The food truck comes from Lexington to Columbia, and can be found parked behind the Richland County Public Library.

However with gas prises soaring that little bit of a drive can be costly.

"We take it back to Lexington everynight, and you know that's a good 10 miles back and forth, 20 miles everyday, so it adds up," said Hall.

A full tank of gas costs Hall $115 to fill up a full tank, but he says there are other expenses these high prices effect.

"We not only see it in running the truck itself, but we have to pay surcharges for all of our deliveries that come from our food distributors," said Hall.

The ingredients that don't come from distributers Hall drives to pick up himself, which is another cost.

"I actually have to get into my car and drive out to City roots farm or Freshly Grown Farm, and get these ingredients and that stuff racks up," said Hall.

The Midlands business owner is looking to switch to an alternative fuel solution, which would use old cooking oil.

"We would have to filter it a series of times, then we take that and the engine would run off of that," said Hall.