Football team plays it safe in the heat

WEST COLUMBIA (WACH) -- On the practice field, the Airport High School Eagles run gameplans that will have them soaring come gametime,but playing it safe is top priority. That's why they work to stay physically fit and hydrated in the heat.

"They always tell us to drink water and gatorade and when we have a water break they make us go. You're not allowed to stay out there (on the field) if you don't want water, they make you go drink water," said receiver Michael Hatchell.

The recent death of 18-year-old Brian Colvin serves as a reminder for players and coaching staff to stay on their game. The Lewisville High School football player collapsed on the field during a game last Friday. Colvin's coach told the team it was a heart attack.

Hopefully, we won't ever have those problems. We want to stay on top of the latest tricks of the trade and keep our athletes healthy. That's my main goal; to take care of these boys like they were my own," said Katie Annan, the team's atletic trainer.

The players take water breaks about every 10 minutes, and physical conditioning is required all year long.