Former football coach running for presidency

Most people in the Palmetto State know Robby Wells as the former assistant football coach at the University of South Carolina and at South Carolina State. But his next challenge may be the most difficult to win.

Wells announced Monday morning he is running for president as an independent and believes a vote for him is a vote for real change.

"It is time for Americans to move in a new, positive direction. It is time for America to elect a third party candidate for president.

Wells announced back in November his intent to run. He said he will represent the Constitution Party after being recruited by several small parties. He said he is tired of the back and fourth bickering between Republicans and Democrats.

"For the middle class Americans that feel as if your American dream has been replaced by an economic nightmare, I have a plan. It requires your help. We need each of you to take ownership in your country and take a stand as I have."

Wells has no political experience. But along with his stints at USC and South Carolina State, he was also the head coach at Savannah State. He thinks those experiences give him the leadership qualities to be President. He has also overcome obstacles similar to what other Americans face.

"I've gone through the unemployment line just like a lot of people. I've been under employed. I felt as a middle class American, I was getting squeezed out like everyone else has."

Dean Charles Bierbauer of the USC Journalism School said based on history the outlook for third party candidates is not good.

"Occasionally you get someone like a Ross Perot who makes an impact; a Ron Paul if he chooses to run as a third party candidate would have a similar impact. But when you get down to the lower echelon where they're very small parties, sometimes single issue, very few constituents, they may get a moment of attention. But it goes away quickly.

Wells is still confident. Bierbauer believes he has to show what set himself apart from the other more popular candidates and take advantage of social media.

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