Former Gamecocks and Tigers visit Children's Hospital

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Some very special patients at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital had an exciting Sunday.

Some former football players from Clemson and USC stopped by to say hi and sign some footballs.

The former Tigers present were Jeff Bostic, Jeff Bryant, Danny Ford, and Terry Kinard.

The Gamecocks who came were Todd Ellis, Erik Kimrey, George Rogers, and Anthony Wright.

There may have even been a mascot or two as well named Cocky and the Clemson Tiger.

It made faces like Daniel's light up to see their athletic heroes in person.

Daniel is fighting sickle cell disease but is more focused on his love for football.

So who was Daniel looking forward to seeing the most?

"George Rogers" says Daniel.

And it's because Rogers won quite the impressive award years ago.

"I was excited because he won a Heisman and he probably put a lot into it." Daniel explains

One of the former Gamecocks even has an extra special place in his heart for the Children's Hospital.

"It's amazing. We're so grateful for this hospital. My brother Kevin was injured 11 years ago and was treated here." says former Gamecock quarterback Erik Kimrey.

And it didn't take much twisting of the arm to get them to come out.

"When they asked us to come, we were just delighted to do it and be a part of this day and meet these young people." Kimrey states.

Even though these children look up to these fomer football players, the players look up to the children as well.

"It takes so much courage to battle every day and to fight the way they're fighting. So when we come here, it really puts things in perspective." shares Kimrey.