Former President Clinton addresses Columbia College grads

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- Columbia College graduates received a special visit from former President Bill Clinton.

President Clinton was the guest speaker during the commencent ceremony Saturday at the Township Auditorium.

Columbia College President Caroline Whitson who's retiring, introduced the former President as her friend she has known for almost 40 years.

Whitson introduced the 42nd President of the Unityed States, talking about his accomplishments as president, and the philanthropic work he has done since his time in office 11 years ago.

The former President touched on many topics during his speach.

He encouraged the students to change the world, and be thankful for their opportunities through education.

"The real personal value of a University diploma is that it gives you more choices, more power to follow your heart as well as your mind," said President Clinton at the platform.

During Saturday's commencement 235 students graduated.