Former Vice President Al Gore speaks at USC

Al Gore speaking to an honors class at USC

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Students at the University of South Carolina (USC) getting a virtual visit from one of the political heavyweights of the 20th century.

Former Vice President Al Gore speaking via SKYPE to students enrolled in *The Future of Politics :2035," an honors course at USC.

Gore is the author of the textbook the class is using... "The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change". Gore stayed on the topics covered in his book,avoiding any mention of partisan politics or delving into Congress or the President. Instead, Gore focused on topics including emerging world powers and the potential effects of climate change.

Former Democratic National Chairman Don Fowler teaches the class. Fowler is an old friend of Gore's and explained why he chose gore to be the face of his class.

"He's a very important person intellectually and in terms of business in this country," Fowler said.

Gore spoke for about 30 minutes. At the end of his speech, some students were allowed to ask the vice president questions.