Fort Jackson celebrates 94 years with kid friendly event

Photo Credit: Adam Pinsker

FORT JACKSON (WACH, AP) -- The Army's largest training base celebrated its 94th birthday by inviting the community to a kid-friendly celebration.

The event was held Friday afternoon at the Solomon Center on Fort Jackson.

The event involved children's activities such as cake decorating, inflatables for playtime as well as door prize contests and a candy buffet.

"My job is to make sure we provide the best possible quality of life to our soldiers, our civilians and our families, and this is one way to bring everyone together," said Post Commander Maj. Gen. James Milano.

While the post trains more than 36,000 soldiers in basic training, it is also home to 3,500 active duty soldiers and their families.

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This is a far cry from 1917 when the post was established to train soldiers for World War I and families were not as involved in the military as they are today.

"Our drill sergeants who spend the time doing the training, when they're not training; part of my job is to make sure they have a quality of life that is commensurate or greater than the quality of their service to the army" said Garrison Commander J.J. Love.

Love oversees programs such as the base's elementary school.

Milano says the event was held to honor both soldiers and those who support them.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)