Fort Jackson makes a wish come true

FORT JACKSON (WACH) " More than 36,000 soldiers go through basic training at Fort Jackson each year, and this year 13 year old Alyssa Braden can consider herself a part of it. The Texas native hopped a plane with her family to the Palmetto state to fulfill a life long dream of being in the army. Braden has looked up to the uniform since she was 7 years old, and now at 13 she will get to wear one.

It started with my uncle when he went to the army, I was maybe seven. Says Alyssa Braden.

The Make a Wish Foundation has granted this wish to Braden who wants to have a hero experience and that TMs just what Fort Jackson gave her. She and her sister Chessa Braden were put through 3 and a half days of moderate basic training, including some of the most challenging courses available.

Braden has cystic fibrosis, a disease which affects the lungs and significantly shortens your life. Experiencing the army is something she will not be able to do when she TMs older, therefore she TMs doing it now.

Chessa Braden her older sister says, You know whenever she grows up she can TMt, but that she gets to do it now is really special for her.

Wednesday during Fort Jackson TMs graduation ceremony, Braden was given a Civil Service Award.