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      Fort Jackson soldier wins Drill Sergeant of the year

      FORT JACKSON (WACH) --- Sergeant First Class David Stover spent three days and thirty hours Battling the Army's top teachers to become Drill Sergeant of the year.

      "It's just an amazing feeling, It's something that will be one of the defining moments of my career, " said Stover.

      Stover, a Fort Jackson solider Represented the post.

      He says after working with last years winner Staff Sergeant Jeffery Heilman, he's been training for the competition.

      Stover's win keeps bragging rights at Fort Jackson. .

      "Now as the Drill Sergeant of the year I'm going to be able to make changes that make recommendations that are going to improve the lives and training of Drill Sergeants and soldiers Army wide," adds Stover.

      Stover has been serving in the Army for 12 years and during that time he's been deployed to Iraq twice.

      While the Sergeant First class is proud to serve his country, he says his biggest reward is training and teaching future soldiers.

      "I know I have the chance to make a difference in a soldiers lives that my Drill Sergeants made on my mine. The impact is huge and it's probably without a doubt the most rewarding job I've ever done in the military," said Stover.

      For Stover the reward has paid off, he often hears from soldiers thankIng him for his guidance and support during the ten weeks of basic training.

      One solider who is currently stationed in Italy frequently writes Stover and looks up to Stover as a father figure and even wished the Drill Sergeant happy Fathers Day.

      "I wanted to be able to teach one person one thing that would make them a better person and a better solider, that would allow them to take a son or a daughter underneath of them to combat and bring them home alive," concludes Stover.