Four arrested during drug raid, meth lab seized

Larry Alford

COLUMBIA (WACH) â?? The Kershaw County Sheriffâ??s Office Narcotics Division responded to citizen complaints about suspected drug dealing at a resident on Porter Rd. in Kershaw County.

Deputies initiated investigation and were able to obtain sufficient probable cause to secure a search warrant for the resident.

During the execution, which took place on October 10th, the deputies seized over a half pound of marijuana, a small quantity of methamphetamine and one handgun. Deputies also discovered a small meth lab that had used to cook methamphetamine previously.

Arrested at the scene were Larry Alford, 24, Cody Thomas, 19, Scott Rafalko, 24, and Courtney Sheffield, 19.

Alford is being charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, Thomas is being charged with possession of methamphetamine and manufacturing methamphetamine. Ralfalko and Sheffield are both being charged with possession of marijuana.

All four were transported to the Kershaw County Detention Center were they are awaiting a bond hearing.