Freddie Grant trial moves to jury selection

Freddie Grant is accused of illegally possessing ammunition as a convicted felon.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A federal ammunition charge against the man accused of abducting Columbia teen Gabbiee Swainson moves forward after he appeared in federal court Wednesday.

Freddie Grant is accused of illegally possessing ammunition as a convicted felon. Law enforcement discovered the bullets and shotgun shells in Grant's home while they were searching for evidence related to Gabbiee Swainson's disappearance.

Grant's attorney -- John Delgado -- requested during the hearing Wednesday that the evidence found at Grant's home be suppressed during jury deliberations, because, he says, investigators "recklessly failed to disclose" key information while filing their search warrant request.

The judge denied the motion, saying, even with the omitted information, there was still strong evidence indicating a search warrant should be approved at the home of Freddie Grant.

The judge said the strongest evidence validating a search warrant was the evidence showing Gabbiee's phone moved to an area within 400 yards of Grant's home shortly after she went missing.

The case now moves to jury selection on January 10. The trial is set to begin the fourteenth and conclude the fifteenth.

Grant may be subject to increased penalties due to other convictions. If Grant loses the case and other convictions are factored in, his sentence could change from a maximum of ten years in prison to a minimum of 15 years and maximum life sentence.

Grant's abduction charge involving Gabbiee Swainson won't move to trial until the federal ammunition charge is settled.