Freedom and Hope leads to fishing on the lake

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Today some veterans braved the chilly temps to engage in some friendly competition.

The Freedom and Hope Foundation held a fishing event on Lake Murray.

The Foundation sponsors all kinds of outdoor activities for wounded military and children with life threatening diseases.

Today the veterans went out there to see who could catch the biggest striper and the winner weighed a whopping six and a half pounds.

And it's all part of what the Foundation calls "recreational therapy".

"It really does these guys great to get out and do these outdoor activites. To get away from base. To get away from the hospital environment that many of them are in. To come for two or three days. And sometimes they will stay three days." says Terry Cotney, the Executive Director of the Freedom and Hope Foundation.

The Foundation also hosts other outdoor activities like hunting trips during the year.

If you're interested in learning more about the foundation, visit