Freezing temperatures could affect major state crops

(WLUK/Eric Peterson)

Columbia, S.C. (WACH)-- Farmers across South Carolina are preparing for more colder temperatures ahead, and some crops could be affected more than others.

With the National Weather service predicting the possibility of temperatures dropping as low as the 20s, major crops like peaches could be severely affected.

Eric McClam, a co-owner and manager of City Roots, says it's the change from an uncommonly warm temperature to a drastically cold snap that is the problem.

"We're in scramble mode; we're nervous," said McClam. "I'm just glad I'm not a peach/blueberry farmer."

He says, now that those crops have already started to bloom, they could be completely lost if the temperatures dip too low.

"Because they are blooming, and they have tiny fruit at this point, they are the most vulnerable to frost at this point, or a freeze which would basically kill that blossom," said McClam.

Over 90 percent of the state's peaches, along with crops like strawberries and plums, could be affected.

McClam says those worried about their plants at home should try to keep them warm as we do our houses. He suggests bringing potted plants inside but, if that is not possible, covering them with an old blanket or sheet.

"Cover it up, stay warm, tuck your plants in bed like you would your kid. You want them to be warm."

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