Friday: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

Friday: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

COLUMBIA (WACH) â??Here are the Top 5 Things You Need to Know today:

Democratic Senator Vincent Sheheen criticized his gubernatorial opponent Governor Nikki Haley. While in Charleston, the Senator said South Carolina needs to make it easier for small businesses to thrive. Sheheen also noted the state needs to invest in infrastructure and schools in order to help those businesses thrive.

Not even 24 hours after President Obama issued a new round of sanctions to Russia, the administration faces another challenge; a Malaysian Airliner shot down. The President spoke with dignitaries from Ukraine and Malaysia Thursday. Vice President Biden was quoted saying, â??It appeared to have been shot down. Not an accident, blown out of the sky.â??

The former home of South Carolina Basketball is getting a makeover. The Carolina Coliseum will be turned into a practice facility used by both basketball teams. The new layout will have two courts side by side. The renovations are expected to be completed by October first.

Will Hillary Clinton run for President in 2016? In an interview, the former secretary of State said that becoming a grandma could be a factor in deciding against it. Her daughter Chelsea is expecting her first child in the fall.

Right now, thereâ??s a court battle over silver and gold
. A ship carrying the treasurers went down during a hurricane in 1857. Just last week, a judge granted ownership of the treasure to recover limited partnership. The value of the sunken treasure is worth more than $50 Million.