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      Friendly farmer's legacy remains rooted in community

      LEXINGTON, SC (WACH) -- The Lexington community is remembering a man who spent the last two decades serving others and giving a true definition of what it means to be homegrown.

      Many bought their produce Elbert Wise, a local farmer who occupied the corner of a four-way stop in Lexington.

      The 79-year-old farmer died last month. His stand still remains on that corner, but looks a bit different now.

      "We actually just brought it out to let people know that he had passed, then people started writing on the walls and everything," said Wise's son Bobby.

      The produce stand is boarded up, and now covered by flowers, messages, and signatures of those in the community who knew him.

      Wise's son says he spent a lot of time with his father at the corner, especially when corn was in season.

      "People would be blowing their horns, and lined up waiting for us to get up their with the corn and all, everybody loved the fact that it was fresh out of the field," said Bobby.

      Wise's son said that him and his family are extremely grateful for the community's response and support to Wise's passing.