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      Friends of Ascot Estates shooting victim speak out

      LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WACH) - While authorities stay tight lipped about the ongoing investigation of a double homicide in an Irmo neighborhood last month, those who knew one of the victims are speaking out.

      On April 13, 44-year-old Tammy Parker and 46-year-old Bryan Capnerhurst died from multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body, and were pronounced dead in Parker's home in Ascot Estates where the shooting took place, according to Coroner Gary Watts. Neighbors and friends rushed to the scene on Tackeria Court all afternoon looking for answers in the case, but investigators have released very few details. No charges have been filed in the case.

      Those who knew Capnerhurst are still in disbelief.

      "There's so many speculations going on, but I knew him as a person, knew him as a friend, and I just can't believe that any of this would happen," said Brad Johnson who called Capnerhurst 'Cap.'

      Johnson spent every Saturday working with Capnerhurst, who was his baseball coach. Capnerhurst worked with Johnson from the time he was a high school sophomore until he went on to play college ball.

      "All the many hours he spent with us, he would never take a dime for anything. That's just the type of guy he was," said Johnson.

      Capnerhurst worked for Lexington County Recreation and made an impression on the community through his job.

      "He was very business oriented, community oriented," said Johnson. "(He) wanted to see the program soar; wanted to see that turn out to be good for the kids."

      The attorney for the only witness in the incident, Parker's husband Brett Parker, says Capnerhurst shot Tammy Parker and in self-defense his client shot Capnerhurst.

      One of Capnerhurst's former coworkers does not believe that he was involved in the death of Tammy Parker.

      "Do I think he partaked in what happened to Tammy? I don't. I just don't believe that," said Leigh Ann McNatt.

      McNatt thinks the community deserves answers to the questions in the case.

      "I worry about his child. I know that she is struggling and I hate that for her. His family, the unanswered questions, I think the community deserves to know what happened. They deserve to have an answer."

      Deputies have released one page of an incident report from the day of the shooting. The rest of the report has not been released due to information linked to the investigation.

      People may never know the exact details of that day, but they do know the loss of a coach, colleague, friend, and father.

      "It will be a loss for a long time for this community to get over. They'll have memories of Bryan and I want those memories to be good ones; don't want them to be tarnished. I don't want the last memory of him to be 'Oh the house in Irmo,'" said McNatt