From SC State University to the big screen

Lacyona Muldrow will play the double of the leading actress in Drumline 2, airing this fall on VH1.

Orangeburg, S.C. (WACH) - The South Carolina State 101 Marching Band kicked off the school year in traditional bulldog fashion with a pep rally Wednesday afternoon.

Lacyona Muldrow is in the middle of all this playing her snare drum, a vision her grandmother had more than two decades ago.

It's now a craft that landed the college senior a role in a motion picture on VH1, Drumline 2.

"Going there and being involved with that, it was just phenomenal," said Muldrow. "I'm in a movie. Who would have ever thought I would be in a movie."

The first Drumline hit theatres more than a decade ago, starring Nick Cannon. Muldrow says her friends and family encouraged her to try out for the sequel.

Waiting until the last minute to decide if she'd go to the auditions in Georgia, Muldrow tells WACH Fox at first she didn't have any form of transportation to get there, but her parents made a way.

"I had to be there at seven, we didn't get there until five in the morning. We had nowhere to stay. The hotel rooms were booked. We actually slept in the car. I changed at McDonald's to get to the audition," said Muldrow."

After two days of auditions, the 101 Marching Band member got the news of a lifetime. Muldrow won over casting directors to play the double of the leading actress, a moment her mother would never forget.

"It was actually on Mother's Day," said Muldrow. "My mother said if you go there and land this role for me that would be the best unforgettable Mother's Day gift for me."

Lacyona will join more than 20 other members of her band colleagues in the movie, and the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. SC State Band Director, Eddie Ellis, played a part in the first Drumline movie.

He says hard practice go him the role, which is a routine he strives to teach his students.

"It feels great simply because the first movie," said Ellis. "We talked about the first movie all of the time and now for them to be a part of it and experience it as they get on the scene and be in it, I'm just happy, really happy."

Lacyona says she's hopeful her role in the movie will encourage young girls around the world.

"I want to be the change and allow females to say, I can do this," said Muldrow. "I wanted to be that person, that idol that young females can look up to and say she's doing it in college or she's doing it in high school. I can do it. I want to go and do it. It's possible to do it."

Drumline 2 will be coming to a TV near you this fall on VH1.

If you'd like to get a feel of the SC State 101 Marching Band before the movie premieres, the band will travel to Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday, August 23 to participate in the Queen City Battle of the Bands.

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