From skin and bones to a life of comfort: abused dog gets new home

Pickles was so skinny when she first came into Pets Inc. you could see all of her ribs. / August 2012

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) -- When Pickles first came into Pets Inc., workers werenâ??t sure if sheâ??d even make it through the night.

Less than a month later, Pickles is thriving and even has a new home.

The dog was brought to Pets Inc. in August, after a passerby saw her running around for several days with a plastic pickle jar on her head. The Good Samaritan finally caught her when she was so weak she couldnâ??t stand.

Pickles was practically skin and bones when she first arrived. You could see all of her ribs and even her hip bones.

Workers at Pets Inc. say Pickles was most likely used as a bait dog for fighting. With the jar on her head, the other dogs could attack her, but she couldnâ??t fight back.

All of that is behind Pickles now. After being taken care of by a foster parent the past month, she officially was adopted Tuesday.

Her new owner, Erika Hanes, plans on spoiling her big time.

â??I saw her on the website and I started crying. I just fell in love with her at first sight,â?? said Hanes as she picked up Pickles to take her home. â??Sheâ??s won the dog lottery, she doesnâ??t even know!â??

Unfortunately, itâ??s not unusual for dogs like Pickles to come through the doors of Pets Inc. Workers say medical care for the animals can get very expensive and theyâ??re asking for donations.

If youâ??d like to learn more about Pets Inc. or make a donation to the no-kill shelter, click here.