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      Future events in Lexington could come with a price for organizers

      LEXINGTON, SC (WACH) - Groups hosting events in the Town of Lexington may have to pay for future events.

      The Town of Lexington is considering the idea of charging event organizers for services the town provides including traffic control, trash clean-up and other costs.

      Lee Pitcovich runs an event management company in Lexington and may have to pay a price to put on festivities inside Lexington's town limits in the near future.

      "We can't shut down the street without police. We have to use the police and you're telling us we have to go to [the Town of Lexington] and now pay for it. That becomes not event friendly," said Pitcovich.

      Pitcovich says making organizations pay for events could be the wrong decision, especially for non-profits and charities.

      According to town officials, they've been absorbing a nearly $5,000 bill for each event and 18 events have been scheduled in the town this year, which is an increase from last year. The events range from races and parades to fundraisers.

      Town Council member Todd Shevchik says having organizations pay for future events will keep the burden off of the tax payers.

      "If we have police out to block the road, there's overtime and increased costs, which we shouldn't pass along to the tax payers," said Shevchik.

      The Mayor of the Town of Lexington, Randy Halfacre, says he hopes to keep up the enthusiasm of the town.

      According to town officials the goal is to cover added costs while coninuing to bring the community together, but this is an option they have just started exploring. They plan to follow the guidelines many other cities and towns in the Midlands already have in place, and they plan to discuss this idea further next month. A decision could be reached by the end of the year.