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      Gambling machine bust a win for RCSD

      RICHLAND COUNTY (WACH) -- The Richland County Sheriff's Department is cracking down on gambling machines, and spent Thursday night following up on CrimeStoppers tips.

      Sheriff Leon Lott gave those who own the gambling machines a five day period to get rid of them after South Carolina Senate passed a bill making them illegal last month.

      Since January 21, the Community Action Team has been raiding businesses they have received tips on.

      Thursday evening around 6:30 p.m. deputies seized 10 machines off of a truck, and four more during their raid at a bar later that night.

      "We tend to find prostitution, narcotics. A lot of that street level crime is out there and a lot of the establishments that have illegal gambling machines, they allow those type of folks to come around their business," said Lieutenant Rafael Gonzalez.

      UPDATE: Friday afternoon, Richland County Sheriff's Department sent a list of persons arrested in the raids:

      Below are the names and charges of the persons arrested during the operation:

    • Earthea Melton DOB 8-8-62 Wanted for child support
    • Dicy Singleton DOB 3-26-54 Wanted for simple assault
    • Wayne Brown DOB 1-19-75 Simple possession of marijuana and ABC violation
    • Tykeria Capers DOB 10-8-90 Warrant for forgery
    • Quiyon Pringle DOB 10-28-94 Warrant larceny
    • Vincent Arthur DOB 5-11-71 Wanted for fail to pay child support
    • Thomas Murray DOB 4-5-61 Wanted for possession of crack
    • Arthur Frank Montgomery DOB: 10-25-1976 Operating Gambling House (owner)
    • Randy Taylor DOB 7/24/81 DUS/WANTED (Camden)
    • Robert Richardson DOB: 12/31/1955 Open Container
    • Clarence James (DOB not provided by suspect â?? Jail to determine) Open Container
    • Leon Myers DOB: 6/25/1965 SPMJ, Providing False Information to police, Wanted for Probation & Parole Violation
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