Gamecock fan gives Clemson fan a priceless wedding gift

Friends visiting with Allyson Smith, kidney donor and Gamecock fan.

CHARLESTON, SC (WACH) - A Clemson fan is the new owner of a Gamecock fan's kidney.

WACH Fox first shared the story of Andy Tevepaugh, a Clemson fan, last September when the Cayce United Methodist Church hosted a cookout and silent auction for the 27-year-old, who found out his kidneys were failing last June.

Tevepaugh had to undergo dialysis everyday and was told he might have to wait two years to receive a new kidney. He started looking for live donors with his fiance Brittany Gregory.

"Here we are in our twenties getting ready to get married, and we're now looking at an organ transplant and dialysis. These things we never thought we would have to face," said Gregory during an interview in November.

According to Tevepaugh, there were 30 people in his life willing to get tested and help, however the first one to fill out the paper work was his fiance's best friend.

Allyson Smith and Gregory have been close since their freshman year at the University of South Carolina.

Smith is an avid Gamecock fan, and more importantly, a match.

Wednesday, Smith and Tevepaugh were taken into surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

Gregory says both came through surgery "great with no problems."

"Andy's body accepted the kidney and started working initially. Rejection can happen at anytime within the first few months but he is receiving medications to prevent rejection and so far it is working great," said Gregory. "We just got word that there will officially be no more dialysis!"

Smith's doctor took photographs of her kidney with witty note cards after it was removed and before it was given to Tevepaugh so she could post photos to social media.

One of the posts to Smith's Instagram says, "No Cuisin Art Stand Mixer for you guys..." The photo is of the kidney and the witty note reads, "Congratulations. This is your wedding gift."

According to Gregory, Smith was released from the hospital Friday and Tevepaugh will be at the hospital through Saturday. The next step for Tevepaugh will be moving to the transplant hotel with daily follow up appoints for a week.

"We've had a great experience so far and are so blessed with wonderful friends and family," said Gregory.

Pictures of Tevepaugh, Smith and Gregory were taken at the tree of life at MUSC.

(Zoheb Hassanali and Katie McKee contributed to this report.)