Gamecock fan gives the gift of life, and gets major surprise

Former Gamecock baseball star Michael Roth stepping up to the plate for fan and kidney donor Allyson Smith.

COLUMBIA, (WACH) -- Former Gamecock baseball star Michael Roth stepping up to the plate for fan and kidney donor Allyson Smith.

Back in November we told you about Smith donating her kidney to her best friends fiance, an avid Clemson fan Andy Tevepaugh.

Tevepaugh was told his kidneys were failing after an accident landed him in the hospital.

Almost 30 of his friends and family agreed to get tested to see if they would be a match to donate a kidney.

Smith was a match and agreed.

The two had their surgeries last month and they were successful.

Tevepaugh's new kidney began working immediately and he was taken off of dialysis shortly after the transplant.

Smith was under the impression Tuesday night that she was coming to the WACH Fox studio with family and friends for an update interview.

That's when she was surprised by Roth, and a basket full of goodies. He even had an autographed baseball and get well card for Tevepaugh, but Roth said, "I don't do Clemson stuff."

Back before the surgery in January, Smith's family and friends asked the die hard Gamecock fan if there was anything she wanted.

"Just jokingly I was like I'd appreciate Michael Roth coming to visit me or getting an autograph or something, but didn't expect it to happen," said Smith.

The other thing Allyson didn't expect to happen was becoming a hero.

"I've had people say that I'm their hero, people saying that I'm an angel. I guess you don't really realize everyone that's affected by it. I really did save someone's life and I don't feel like that I don't feel like a hero. I just feel like I helped a friend in need," said Smith.

Tevepaugh's mother Nancy is one of those people.

She's amazing. She's very selfless. We asked her one night how her parents felt about it, she said oh they've got some concerns because there is surgery involved, but they know if I'm going to do something I'm going to do it," said Nancy Tevepaugh.

Roth described what Smith has done as "an awesome display of courage."

The National Kidney Foundation has more information about kidney transplants, and how you can help the cause.

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