Gamecock Nation questioning their star's commitment

<font size="2">"It's only my speculation but I think this is, 'I can get by, the team can get by without me on this one,'" adds Haney.</font>

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- "If he's able to say 'it's a game time decision', then we're not talking about this today. It's not an issue. But suddenly he's not dressed right when the team runs out and the speculation begins," said Michael Haney.

107.5 The Game's Michael Haney spent Monday listening to fans weigh in on the Jadeveon Clowney saga.

The Gamecock star has been under a cloud of controversy after sitting out Saturday's SEC showdown with Kentucky.

"It's only my speculation but I think this is, 'I can get by, the team can get by without me on this one,'" adds Haney.

Clowney told coaches just before Saturday nights' kickoff that he was sitting out because of a rib injury, with the timing of that news clearly frustrating head coach Steve Spurrier.

"We'll just say he told me he couldn't play, that his ribs hurt, he couldn't run and said 'I can't play.' I said, well that's fine, you don't have to play and we'll move on," said Spurrier.

Clowney's late notice appears to be causing a clear disconnect with coaches, and fans are questioning their star player's dedication.

"You just don't show up before the game and announce an injury that wasn't there, that hasn't even been looked at by trainers," said a USC fan.

"Your coach needs to step up and say, 'This is our team and we need to make a decision as a whole and not just what's best for one player," adds another USC fan.

While callers and fans debate whether Clowney is saving himself for the pros, Haney points out the star had flu-like symptoms before playing at Central Florida, but Clowney got an IV and hit the field.

"I think he is banged up, I think it was a game where he said, 'I do need to take some time out.' It's how he handled it and how he let his coaches know. He's not tanking it for the NFL at this particular point," concludes Haney.

Haney believes if Clowney was preparing for the NFL, he would have surgery on nagging bone spurs in his foot, putting the Gamecocks' star on the bench for five weeks. But whether he gets off the sideline this week remains to be seen.