Gamecocks return home after dramatic win in Outback Bowl

"It got quiet for that one second then it just busted and you know excitement", said USC fan Stephanie Amaker.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - The Gamecock Football team returning home Wednesday after a last second win in the Outback Bowl. The win bringing USC to eleven wins for the second straight season.

Those back to back eleven win seasons is a new program record for the Gamecocks and coach Steve Spurrier now has more bowl wins than any other coach at USC, picking up his third postseason win in Gamecock nation.

"All the way down to the last seconds everyone was just holding there chest and just (Opens Mouth) in amazement," said USC fan Stephanie Amaker.

"It feels really good to have eleven wins in two years," adds Lauren Baskin.

"Very good accomplishment but we're trying to go into the offseason and get more than now, that's the goal for us now to work hard and get more wins then this year and the past year," said Gamecock player Victor Hampton.

Senior running back Kenny Miles played in his last game in Tuesday's Outback Bowl.

Miles was excited for the game, but it was also a bittersweet feeling knowing he'll never wear the garnet and black again.

"I was emotional before we even stepped into the stadium, then being there with my boys for the last time and seeing the crowd and everything...I mean words can't really describe how I felt," said Miles.

While fans are excited for a season that was full of firsts and awards for the Gamecocks, the talk of the country has been the hit by Jadeveon Clowney.

"It got quiet for that one second then it just busted and you know excitement," adds Amaker.

"That hit was awesome, I was screaming at the TV and got my Grandma all upset," said Monica Bowers.

"A great hit a great play and we needed it for the momentum of the game," added Hampton.