Gardening seminar helps revive green thumbs

Gardening tools and materials were given away to those who attended the seminar.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - It's one of the most popular national pastimes, and Thursday, Palmetto Health and the Historic Columbia Foundation helped those with a green thumb continue to enjoy it.

A free adaptive gardening seminar at the Robert Mills Carriage House offered tips for those who garden but may be limited by physical disabilities such as injury or arthritis.

"As gardeners grow older or physical abilities change, they may need a little help to continue to make their garden grow. Just because someone has difficulty moving doesnâ??t mean that they have to stop gardening," said Iris Smith, director of Palmetto Health Richland Total Joint Center.

Lauren Duncan, Historic Columbia Foundation horticulturist, says whether young or old gardening can be enjoyable with the right tools and techniques.

"You want to take an individual approach, what works for you, what you feel comfortable with," said Duncan. â??And starting small, there's nothing wrong with that. Go into your local garden store and starting with a couple plants and starting with a container is a great idea to get a garden going."

The adaptive gardening seminars are held twice a year in the spring and fall.