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      Gas siphoning has Lexington academy running on empty

      LEXINGTON COUNTY (WACH) -- High gas prices are bad enough but the folks at Flying High Academy are doing more than watching their wallet; they're watching their gas gauge.

      The needle has been staying on "E" because someone has been stealing gas from their bus.

      "After that kept happening we caught someone on video actually doing that and then we found a quarter sized hole in our gas tank," said Alison Rhine.

      Rhine says after noticing a strong odor of gasoline near her bus, she found a hole drilled in her gas tank and surveillance video that shows someone around the vehicle after business hours.

      A few miles away another business told WACH Fox they've had their gas stolen the same way.

      After filling their bus up one evening child learning center The Sunshine House found their tank empty the next day.

      "Spending double in gas is already expensive as it is, it's just outrageous," adds Rhine.

      Both businesses are working with law enforcement to find the person responsible for stealing their gas.

      A spokesman for the Lexington County Sheriffs department says siphoning gas is rare in the county, however in Rhineâ??s case itâ??s a crime that's causing her to lose big bucks.