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Good Day Columbia Morning WACH

Here is your Good Day Columbia GDC Morning WACH for Tuesday, October 22, 2013:

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Grant Show â?? Melrose Place to blood sucker

With the Columbia City Balletâ??s annual production of Dracula: Ballet with a Bite, comes Grant Show, made famous from his role of Jake Hanson on the Fox program Melrose Place. This yearâ??s show opens Thursday and runs through Saturday. You can get ticket info HERE.

Itâ??s time to tell the story of you

Lori Cook joined us with some thoughts on cover letters and resumes. In classic Cook fashion, she turned to the metaphorical great pumpkin to illustrate. Here are her tips:

  • Open it up and get out all the goo!

    This part is kind of gross but you have to remove all the seeds and membranes before you can carve a good pumpkin. In your marketing materials, you need to get rid of all the fluff. Avoid buzz words that donâ??t buzz (â??good communication skillsâ?? or â??results-orientedâ??.) Also, Other goo you donâ??t need? Objective statements are passé and you never need to write â??References Upon Request.â??

  • Know your trick or treaters!

    With pumpkins, you have to know who is coming to your door: Do you have little children looking for a little treat or teens hungry for a frightening trick? With resumes, you have to know whose door you are knocking on. If you have more than one career goal, create more than one resume so that each one is targeted for and, therefore, appealing to each specific employer. If you try a one-size-fits-all approach or try to appeal to everyone, you will please no one.

  • Design before you carve!

    You never want to dive right into a jack-o-lantern carving; practice a few designs on paper first then transfer your design to the pumpkin. With resumes and cover letters, layout and format is important. You want your resume to pull the reader through a story of your career highlights and experience. If it is disorganized and hard to read, guess what? They wonâ??t read it!

  • Carve with precision and focus!
    Once you have your design, get to carving but be careful, use good knife skills, and stick to your plan. An effective resume is not easy to create. If you worked hard on your resume but it is not yielding results, you may need help. For help with carving a pumpkin, ask a neighbor; if you need help carving a great cover letter or resume, call the Business and Job Center of Richland Library. We have 2 certified professional resume writers and soon to be 4 certified career development facilitators to assist you by appointment and during resume class sessions on Wednesdays.

  • Light it up and Let it Shine!

    In the end, the jack-o-lantern is a shining light to welcome revelers to your door. Cover letters and resumes should also be inviting to employers so that they want to call you in for an interview to learn know more about how you will fit within their organization. Your personality should shine through your marketing materials and tell a compelling story about you.

Fashion Forward

Have you seen the newest Hollywood star to grace the cover of Elle magazine? Perhaps more thereâ??s been more talk about just how Melissa McCarthy is all covered up.

Oh and that Coach youâ??re carrying is it the real deal? Janet and Fashion Contributor Bianca Chardei chatted about it all in this morningâ??s â??Fashion Talk.â??

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