GDC Morning WACH 3-11-13

GDC Morning WACH for Monday March 11, 2013

Here is your GDC Morning WACH for Monday March 11, 2013:

A rather sleepy Monday â?? especially if you forgot to push the clock ahead that extra hour. Donâ??t worry, there is a bright sideâ?¦it stays light a little later now.

Local author shares his publishing secrets

Local author David Lee Jones joined us this morning, having completed the final book in his trilogy, titled The War of the Third Awakening. David shared his path to publishing, including a forum called, and You can check out the trilogy HERE.

Got jobs?

Unemployment nationally is 7.7 percent, which is slightly lower than the state average of 8.4. To help get that number down, the Midlands Workforce Center is planning a job fair on March 25, including over 100 companies and vendors from the area. The event is free to the public, at the Brooklyn Baptist Convention Center in West Columbia. You have find info HERE. And don't miss the interview on Good Day.The backbone of working your back

Fitness trainer Christy Seguin joined us for our Monday morning Get Fit, Stay Fit segment, with a great way to make sure your back stays in tip top shape. With a simple demonstration, you can see some simply ways to keep one of the biggest muscle groups in your body in shape. HERE is the demo

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